Helping Businesses Put Customers First

Lets take your average plumbing service…they spend hundreds of dollars on ad campaigns and have customers visiting the website. They have no control over the customers actions and often have no idea customers are even on the site. Meanwhile plumbing technicians are in the field with nothing to do.

String Cans can turn your website and agents into a powerhouse team bringing in customers and creating more engagement. With Stringcans, any user- the home office, or the plumbers in the field- can look at the app and reach out to all the visitors on the website. They are already armed with the page they are visiting, which will help your team to know what problem they can address, as well as the city they are located in.

With the video service your plumber can help a home owner with a flooded toilet to shut off the water and see exactly what kind of toilet is broken so they know what tools to bring and how they can help, all without leaving the phone. They can pay in the chat using ChatPay or book an appointment.

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